August 2023 Update

August 2, 2023

Building Committee Report

1.  The City of Everson approved the Preliminary Plat and Conditional Use Permit Application for our new building site.  Site grading and prep for utilities will begin in August. 

2.  Rich Seimer (BMRC) is helping to get the rough building plans in draft form.  Once he’s done, they will be sent to a WA State Architect to be finalized for Building Permit Submittal.  To stay on schedule for a May 2024 move-out, rough plans must be completed in August.

3.  A presentation has been made to Sumas and Everson City Councils to request funding.  A Blaine City Council Presentation is scheduled for August 14.  A Nooksack City Council Presentation is scheduled for August 7.  A County Council Finance Committee presentation is scheduled for August 8. 

4.  A second meeting was held with Barry Buchanan – Chair of the WC Criminal Justice and Safety Committee – and Kathy Kershner – Chair of the WC Finance Committee.  WCSAR has requested $1.1m from Whatcom County to be put towards construction of our new building. 

5. A meeting was held with a BP rep to request funding.  We can submit our request now, but any funding will not be released until later in 2024. We have been told that they can give us “surplus goods” at any time, and it looks like BP may give us our security fencing and gates.

6.  Building Committee and Unit Reps participated in the Everson Community Days to raise SAR awareness. 

7.  An article highlighting our building saga will be published in the Lynden Tribune in August.

Next Building Committee meeting is scheduled for August 12.  Please contact Gwynne with any questions or concerns to be addressed.